Our Management

 Ben Ponia, Secretary (Head of Ministry)

Tim Costelloe, Director, Offshore Fisheries Division

Myra Patai, Director, Policy & Legal Division

Koroa Raumea, Director, Inshore Fisheries & Aquaculture Division

Koroa has headed the Inshore Division since 2005 and is passionate about marine conservation and research. He is of Mangaian and Rakahangan descent and was one of the first Cook Islanders to graduate from the three year Diploma in Tropical Fisheries from the University of the South Pacific (USP), Fiji in 1991 after joining the ministry in 1988. In 2004 he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fisheries Management and Geography from USP and completed his Masters of Business Administration in 2010 and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Project Management from AUT in 2011. 

Dorothy Solomona, Director, Pearl Support Division

Dorothy has been with the ministry since 1988 as an assistant research fisheries officer, graduating with a Diploma in Tropical Fisheries from USP in 1990. Dorothy is in her element when she is in the field conducting research that benefits the community and future generations. 

She worked at the Araura Marine Research Station for two years as a research officer - spawning pa'ua at the hatchery and survey work on trochus and ra'ui (marine managed conservation area).  In 1993 she began her marine science study at James Cook University in Queensland. After completing a research paper on the traditional marine management systems in Pukapuka, Dorothy was stationed in Penrhyn for eight years as a senior research fisheries officer, managing the station from 2000-2005. She worked in the Inshore & Aquaculture Division managing the ra'ui and water quality programmes. In 2010 Dorothy was appointed as assistant director for the Pearl Support Division and has led the division since 2012. She has completed a Masters in Business Adminstration and a Post-Graduated Diploma in Commerce (Economics & Project Management). 

George Matutu, Director, Corporate Services Division

 Our Staff

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The Ministry has 61 permanent and contracted staff who work within its five divisional outputs.

MMR is committed to:

  • Providing clear Leadership in steering the organisation to achieving its vision;
  • Providing all staff with a fair and flexible workplace;
  • Applying good employer principles under the Public Service Amendment Act 2012 and in compliance with the MMR’s Personnel Policy;
  • Implementing actions to maintain high morale in the workplace through effective communication and adherence to the Office of the Public Service Commissioner’s Vision statement and principle objectives;
  • Promoting ongoing education and training to staff; and
  • Encouraging all employees to uphold in their work the values embodied in the Public Service Code of Conduct and Values under the Public Service Amendment Act 2012
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