Aitutaki Hatchery

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The decline of giant clams (Tridacna maxima) also known as pa'ua in the Cook islands and other pacific countries in the 1980s initiated a strong need to build a hatchery and to repopulate our lagoons.

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With the assistance of Australian Aid and under the directive of the Ministry of Marine Resources a hatchery was built in Aitutaki. The hatchery introduced three species of clam from Palau and Australia, Tridacna gigas, Tridacna derasa, and Hippopus hippopus. To date all of these species have been reproduced and have a healthy stock in the Aitutaki lagoon and in the areas where these clams are stocked. Tour operators frequent these areas.  

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In addition to the introduced species, the hatchery has also been successful in reproducing our native species, Tridacna maxima. Other ongoing projects include coral propagation to enhance snorkeling areas and contribute to the re-populating of healthy corals and clams within the lagoon ecosystem. 

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