Our Management

Pamela Maru, Secretary (Head of Ministry)

Tim Costelloe, Director, Offshore Fisheries Division

Maeva-Leigh Herman, Acting Director, Policy & Legal Division

Koroa Raumea, Director, Inshore Fisheries & Aquaculture Division


George Matutu, Director, Corporate Services Division

 Our Staff

The Ministry has 61 permanent and contracted staff who work within its five divisional outputs.

MMR is committed to:

  • Providing clear Leadership in steering the organisation to achieving its vision;
  • Providing all staff with a fair and flexible workplace;
  • Applying good employer principles under the Public Service Amendment Act 2012 and in compliance with the MMR’s Personnel Policy;
  • Implementing actions to maintain high morale in the workplace through effective communication and adherence to the Office of the Public Service Commissioner’s Vision statement and principle objectives;
  • Promoting ongoing education and training to staff; and
  • Encouraging all employees to uphold in their work the values embodied in the Public Service Code of Conduct and Values under the Public Service Amendment Act 2012
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