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The Ministry’s logo reflects our vision, mission and the work that we do with our local, regional and international partners. This logo was introduced in 2009 and reflected a number of concepts based on the conservation,  management, and development of our country's marine resources. Each aspect of the logo was chosen for its special meaning.

marorocigov coat of arms

Maroro (Flying fish): This fish is unique and represents speed, movement, grace, freedom and beauty. The maroro is also a reflection of our connection to local fishermen and fishing. The unique fish also features in our national emblem or coat of arms.


62 Free Water Drop Clipart Illustration

Water droplet: (centre) The ocean contains and sustains marine life.

Untitled 1

Matau (fish-hook): This traditional Cook Islands motif is a symbol of life and signifies determination and a safe journey over water.

Untitled 2

Shark teeth: This traditional Cook Islands motif is a symbol of strength and endurance – key attributes required in the long-term protection and management of the ocean.

Untitled 3

Weave (Raranga): Represents the warp and weft of life. The ocean is home to a vast array of marine life that live together in their own unique way.


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